Sunday, October 8, 2017

Best Cheapest Freight Forwarding (ReShipping) Service!

Hey Guys,
Do you want to buy products from the US and have them delivered to your country for lowest price? Products from sites that do not normally deliver worldwide (NewEgg, BestBuy, Walmart, eBay sellers who ship only to US)??

If so this site is for you!- Shipito.

I bought my iPhone SE 64GB from an eBay seller who only ships within the US and used Shipito to forward it to my address in Sri Lanka!

It only cost me $39 including shipping and handling to Sri Lanka!

The phone came straight to my house- cos Shipito lets you fill the outbound customs forms yourself so I put it as a 'powerbank' and as a 'Gift' and set Value as only $10. So it easily bypassed local customs and came straight to my place.

If I had to buy this locally I would have to go to some Muslim shops in Colombo in the fuckin heat and pay them minimum Rs. 85,000 for the phone (that's what it cost at the time of purchase) plus transport costs to Colombo and back. Using Shipito and an eBay US Seller the full total came to just 60,000/- and the phone came straight to my house via the Postman!

How cool is that?

This is the best ReShipping service! Fees are dead low.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Star Trek Discovery Review!

So watching the new Star Trek pilot was almost like looking at the Sun without filters. Excruciating. Not only cos of the constant bombardment of lens flare and high contrast, but of the stupid opening theme that sucks balls, and how they keep changing the look of the Klingons? Why change they appearance? I don't get it.

Story is just so so. Nothing we haven't seen before.

Anyway here's hoping the next episodes cut back on the lens flares and get back to boldly going...

Gene must be turning in his grave.

Monday, August 28, 2017

F1 2016 Only $0.99 cents on the App Store for a limited time! Price Reduction- Get it now!

F1 2016 on the top 3 racing games on mobile is available for a short time for 99 cents! Normally priced at $4.99 or higher this is a steal!

Get it here for iOS-

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Review

King Arthur for the Fast & Furious Generation.

But still decent despite that.

Fast cuts, CGI, LOTR type monsters, kicking soundtrack, hot medieval
women, Jude Law in bad ass mode. If Michael Bay made a movie about
Camelot this would be it. But like The Rock and The Island even the
worst director ever can score a hit. And this is it.

Best thing about this movie is bad guy Jude Law who steals every scene
and you will remember only him if you ever feel like remembering this.

They were stretching the Medieval tech so much to show something new I
was half expecting GPS and Gatling guns to show up.

They try to do some fight scenes like in 300 but fails miserably. Just
think of it as a whole different take on Arthur for the Vin Diesel
generation and you'll be fine. Why Arthur didn't talk about 'Family' at
the end bothers me? lol.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

3 Greatest Action Movies You've Never Heard Of!

There are a lot of movies that get released but for some reason or other disappear from radar so fast that no one gets to really see them much. Its not that they are bad, its just they are poorly publicized or lack a AAA actor to drive it, or are older hence came out before the social media craze and never really get a chance to become viral.

Anyway these three movies I reckon are the best action movie hidden gems of all time.

Go watch em any way you can.

3) Shoot Em Up!

2) The Abyss

 1) Terminal Velocity