Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Samsung said to be following iPhone 7 by removing headphone jack in 'Galaxy S8'!!

The next flagship phone line coming from Samsung in 2017, expected to be called the "Galaxy S8," will likely omit the headphone jack in favor of a single USB-C port for charging and headphone use.

The most recent supply chain rumors about the "Galaxy S8" flagship phone from Sammobile note the lack of analog headphone jack, as well as a 2K resolution super AMOLED display similar to that in the Galaxy S7, but with embedded fingerprint sensor.

The "Galaxy S8" display is said to shift back to RGB, eschewing the company's previous use of the Diamond PenTile pixel layout. Overall, the design is expected to be aesthetically similar to that of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

Apple ditched the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 family to much discontent, but was not the first smartphone to do so. Apple has also been tied to patents related to biometric sensors embedded behind smartphone screens, with the latest rumors pegging the technology to the "iPhone 8" refresh, expected in the fall of 2017.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Swiftkey vs Swype- which is better?

I have been using Swiftkey for a while now on iOS and recently got Swype as well thanks to my payment method being finally accepted by the App Store.
And dammit what they say is true- you have to pay if you want the best.

Swype is superior to Swiftkey in almost every single way.
Its far more accurate at interpreting the swiping movements. Plus unlike Swiftkey, Swype does not need an internet connection for its predictive engine- which is a huuge plus in my book.

The accuracy of Swype had me jaw hitting the floor on a regular basis.
99 cents? Hell its easily worth ten times that.
Just get it. Don't think. Do it.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Thursday, November 24, 2016

iPhone SE God's review!

So I have spent a fair amount of time with this little device and must say I am very very
impressed. I had iOS 9.3 before and after a tough battle (mainly cos iOS insists on WIFI
to update iOS through the phone) I finally managed to get into iOS 10.1.1.

With 9.3 it was smooth sailing, fast and slick- with 10.1.1 I get the occasional hiccup.
Things lag sometimes and my impatience does not help.

The phone itself is a masterpiece. Perfect size to fit in my hand and with maximum
portability. No need for a backpack to carry it in unlike most Android bricks.

Performance is stellar as expected from Apple. All games load and run with zero problems,
crashes or slow frame-rates.

Display is perfect without being exceptional. Perfectly adequate for a phone. 2k or 4k is
utterly stupid for a phone I say. Even 1080p is too much IMO and can only be fully
appreciated with a large screen TV.

I haven't had much time to take photos with the main camera but the front selfie cam is
similar to the iPhone 5s- capable but fall apart in low light.
I plan to take some slow mo shots and 4k videos soon- main reason I bought the 64GB
version. Will upload them soon and put up links here.

The Audio quality is, I must say, utterly incredible. Even more so than the 5s I had
previously. Especially with high quality headphones like the Velodyne vPulse that I use,
the bass and the dynamics are breathtaking. Even though I do not have the 5s with me to do
a direct comparison- if memory serves me right the sound is a definite improvement.
One listen to your favorite tunes on this you will instantly forgive its other

Battery life was a total surprise for me- even though I read reviews how it was superior to almost anything else out there. Due to the small screen and lower resolution and optimizations of iOS and the hardware-software marriage of perfection, this phone will easily last the whole day and then some even with high usage- games, music, web etc. Could it get any better?

So to sum up this is the BEST small factor phone you can buy right now. So much power and
finesse in the palm of your hand is utterly stupendous. If you hate huge bulky bricks that
require a handbag to carry in, this is your No. 1 option. Plus add to this the ease and
quality of iOS and App Store and apps that are exclusive to Apple, this is a no brainer.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Best evil laughter from a villain in a movie!

The Emperor when he first visits the Death Star to supervise construction- when he first disembarks his shuttle and talks with Vader and then he laughs, That  is so chilling and sinister and so EVIL!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

President Trump! And the White House will be White once more!


Trump becomes the 45th President of The United States of America!
Clinton never had a chance. Women do not have the Balls to be a President. Women should stay in the kitchen!

I love this guy- truly connect with his policies.
99% of Hispanics and Mexicans are Drug Dealers.
99% of all crime done by Blacks.
99% of Muslims are Terrorists.

Trump will wall off the Mexicans, kill off the dealers, send all the Blacks back to Africa and ban all Muslims (hopefully Nuke the Mid-east).


Do you agree?? Comment below.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First time using Shipito freight forwading service to buy an iPhone- daily progress update!

Hey people- I am making this account of my first ever experience with a freight forwarder to acquire a fairly valuable piece of electronics- an iPhone SE 64GB from shipito.com.

I decided to buy an iphone from eBay from a seller that does not do international shipping as those are where the best deals can be found. I got this brand new phone from a trusted seller for $392 shipped to Shipito's Hawthorne California warehouse. Once it reaches there I am expecting a further $16-20 for shipping and handling straight to Sri Lanka using the cheapest shipping option which is Airmail.

So altogether with any luck this would come to a max expenditure on my end of  $415-420.
Now if I bought this phone locally I would have to pay around $550. So I am getting a pretty good deal and also avoid giving my hard earned cash to the local Muslim phone shops. (Only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.)

So as of today (Nov 2, 2016) tracking shows parcel is close to its Shipito warehouse in Cali. Once there Shipito are supposed to send me an email informing me of its arrival. Lets hope everything goes according to plan and USPS delivers it and not take it back saying that they need an actual signature from me or something. :(

Update (Nov 3, 2016)-
OK shipito sent me a prompt email informing me of the package arrival. The Airmail option was not available (maybe because of the Lithium Ion battery in the device?) so had to choose USPS First Class Parcel which cost me $39. Also after i paid the deposit for that amount Shipito asked me to verify the card by making a small debit from my card. Finally after verification everything's good to go. It will be shipped out today as soon as business starts in the US.

I had to fill in the Customs form myself so I put it in as a Computer Flash Drive/Powerbank and set the value as $35 and as a Gift. Lets hope local Customs in Sri Lanka fall for that and send it direct to my home.

Update (Nov 4, 2016)-

Package has been shipped to Sri Lanka via USPS First Class Mail as requested. Total cost only $39!
Now gotta hope it doesn't get caught by Customs. :P

Update (Nov 16, 2016)-

So Phone arrived not a single problem- came straight to the house- no Tax no nuttin- very happy.
Shipito is awesome.