Saturday, August 27, 2016

5 Things We Want Donald Trump to Do if elected President of the United States!

If elected President, we would most like Donald Trump to do the following!

1) Nuke All Muslims.
Yeah Muslims are nose-heavy ugly-ass terrorists. Every single ugly-ass cockhead Muslim has the terrorist gene in them.
Kicking out Muslims from US is not enough. Put them all on a Pacific Atoll and JUST NUKEM.
Good riddance.

2) Kick out all the Mexicans and all the Latinos.
All Mexicans and Latinos are Murderers, Rapists and Drug dealers. C'mon watch Apocalypto already!
Kick em all out and the poor Whites will have more jobs for themselves in their own county. Plus they can walk on the streets without getting mugged or raped.
Or he should take a lesson from the new Filipino President and just shoot em dead on the streets.

3) Build a Wall between US and Mexico! 
 After kickin 'em out best way to keep em out is to build The Wall. Something like The Berlin Wall- only thicker and maybe shorter cos Latinos are midgets anyway. But with more armed guards ordered to shoot to kill any monkey trying to jump the wall.

4) Send all the Negroes back to Africa.
Where they belong! Bringing back Negro slaves back from the jungle was No. 1 worst mistake in a long line stupid mistakes. Now Negroes are going rampant killing, gang-banging, shooting hoops, breeding white women. Negroes are the cause for 99% of crime in the US- if they're all kicked out US would become like a Disney movie overnight.

5) Let NATO and Europe fend for themselves.
Too long has the US being running to save Europe, Korea and NATO from foes. Going to war for the sake of bunch of idiots on the other side of the planet.
I say the US should pull out all troops and military support and let them fend for themselves for once. Fuck em.

So to sum up- America First we say!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My favourite Comedy show of recent years!

So I don't really watch comedy shows much cos they all stale and boring. The last show I really liked was Seinfeld.

But this Brooklyn Nine Nine has got me hooked and won't let me go.
Its so fucking funny. Not only are the jokes funny and the stories funny- hell even the actors Look Funny- take for example Andy Samberg with his big, overlong Jewish nose. Just looking at hime makes me laugh.

What do you think? Is Andy funny looking or not?
Comment below.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Payoneer Live Chat 'Chat not available due to high volume of inquires' Loophole/fix/hack/workaround!

So you're trying to access Payoneer Live Chat but it says 'Chat not available due to high volume of inquires.'?
Here's how to circumvent this problem.

When you do manage to get to the chat applet quickly create a direct desktop link to the applet itself so whenever you need to access Live Chat just double click on the desktop shortcut which will bypass the login screen and go direct to Live Chat- you might have to wait in a long queue but it works!

Here's how to do it in Firefox browser-
At the Chat Applet screen just click and drag the area circled in red on to your desktop! Simple.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Donald Trump statue called 'unpermitted erection' by NYC Parks Department!

A group called Indecline installed nude statues of Donald Trump all over the US including Union Park in New York City which prompted a mocking statement by the NYC Parks department that went like this- "NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small".

Poor Trump- all them billions and he cannot do nothing nor have the respect of the commoners.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Best Korean Monitors currently on the market!

In this article I take a look at the best Korean monitors that are available for purchase and the best places to buy them from.

First of all what ARE Korean monitors??
Well they are simply monitors made by cheap Korean manufacturers that you may have never heard of- however they use the same high quality panels that are used by the big brands such as LG BenQ, Dell, Samsung etc- only difference being they use the A- or B grade version of the said panels.
In other words these Korean companies use the rejected panels of high-end brands. Whereas LG etc test and use only A+ panels these companies settle for the rejected lower quality panels to keep the costs down.

However this does not mean every Korean monitor you get will have a lower quality image or more dead pixels or bad color uniformity. In fact 90% of the Korean monitors will be indistinguishable from the A+ branded panels. In fact if you pay a bit extra and purchase the Pixel perfect version the seller will guarantee that you will receive the highest possible quality panel devoid or any image artifacts or dead pixels.

The top Korean monitor brands are Crossover, Qnix and Wasabi Mango.
They each have lots of different models at different sizes and price points.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

US total 1000 Gold Medals at Olympic Games!

Team USA's won its 1,000th gold medal at a summer games since triple-jumper James Connolly claimed their first in Athens, Greece in 1896.

When you consider that this total is more than double than of its nearest rival -- the now defunct Soviet Union -- the scale of this sporting achievement becomes clear.
More than half of this golden haul have come from track and field -- 323 -- and swimming events -- 246.

"One thousand gold medals is a remarkable achievement made possible by the culture of sport that is the fabric and foundation of Team USA," said US Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun.
"It is a testament first and foremost to our athletes, but it also reveals the impact of the support provided by our National Governing Bodies, our sponsors and donors, and American fans.
"This is an accomplishment we celebrate together."

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Only Five Bodybuilding Supplements that you really need!

So many muscle building supplements out there vying for your hard earned cash. But do you really need them? Are they really proven to be effective for muscle hypertrophy?? NO.

Here are the only supplements that you need and have been scientifically proven to work for muscle hypertrophy in conjunction with a proper weight training routine and effective diet. Remember to include 4 liters of water everyday to deliver the nutrients fast and effectively to your muscle and to keep yourself hydrated. Muscle is 75% water so more water you pump into them the bigger they look and stronger and harder they become.

1) Protein.

Whey or Casein, protein is the number one requirement for muscle gain. And supplemental protein gives you the addition kick you need to gain muscle on top of the protein you already get from a proper diet. Also they are chock full of BCAAs so don't get fooled into buying additional BCAA supplements when you are already taking in Protein.

2) Creatine monohydrate.

Creatine gives you additional short term power to lift heavier weight. Also it increases water retention so muscle will look bigger and fuller. 5 grams before every workout is all you need. Drink it down with some orange juice or some sugary drink.

Do not be fooled to buying different more expensive forms of Creatine. Monohydrate is all you need.

3) Vitamin C

This is the number one vitamin for muscle building. It speeds up the body's recovery process and muscle rebuilding process and also reduces cortisol build-up during your workout.
Go for 1 gram or more a day. 500mg before workout and 500mg before bed. Also remember to drink lots of water when taking high doses of Vit C. I use the Now Foods product. Cheap, high quality with no additive or Aspartame etc.

4) Multivitamin

Taking a good multivitamin will help in any nutritional deficiencies from your diet. Also I firmly believe that strength athletes and body builders require a lot more minerals and vitamin doses than can be attained from food alone.

I would recommend a basic multi with higher doses for the individual ingredients. No need to buy the special 'bodybuilding' multis that are full of tons of unknown and unresearched compounds that are claimed to be essential for muscle building- just get one with the basics and you're done.

I use the Nature Made For Him multi-

5) Fish Oil.

Fish oil has been proven to increase protein synthesis and muscle gain- so much so that some college sports teams actually ban the supplement to level the playing field for players who cannot afford it.
Also it has benefits for controlling cholesterol according to some studies.

Make sure you get a high-quality brand that has purified the product further to get rid of any heavy metals. Fish oil from Nordic fish have less heavy metals in them naturally.

I use and recommend Controlled Labs Oximega Fish oil. High quality brand with third-party tested products.

These are the Only supplements that you need to put on some quality muscle. Do not be conned into buying anything else. They all just marketing hyperbole.
Now hit the gym and lift.