Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sherlock is getting worse by the day!

Just finished watching The Final Problem and was thinking what a load of crap it all was.

First 2 seasons of Sherlock was decent then it started going all wrong- stuff like Watson's wife being an international assassin and now Sherlock has a sister who is a big time loon- felt combination of Batman and Saw).

Hope this gets back to actual crime solving and dumps this stupidity. Fast. I am getting sick of this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to minimize radiation exposure when using mobile phones!

Radiation exposure from mobile devices even though not of the ionizing nature can still lead possibly to cancer in the long term. So why risk it?

Here are some ways you can drastically reduce your exposure while still benefiting from their use.

1) When making calls try to use the speaker phone or handsfree options as much as possible.

2) When carrying it in your pocket try and keep a thick wallet between the phone and your skin. Even millimeters can make a huge reduction when it comes to RF radiation exposure.

3) When you reach your destination or are travelling by car take the phone out of you pocket and keep it on the dashboard or on a table.

4) Use an anti-radiation case for your phone. Even though some devices maybe snake-oil there are actually some effective cases out there and you can find them with a bit of Googling.

5) Use of the phone when the signal is weak means much more radiation exposure. So always try and get to a place with at least 4 bars of signal strength.

6) When playing games or watching movies and listening to music that does not require a cellular connection try as much as possible to switch phone to airplane mode. Airplane mode shuts off the cellular connection and drops radiation to zero.

7) Choose a phone that has a low radiation output, specified by their SAR rating. Googling for smartphones with lowest SAR rating will help you find the best device with the least RF output.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Star Wars Rogue One- God's Review!

First things first- this is far better than the sewer water that was
The Farce Awakens. Far better.

But still the lack of a true visionary in the vein of Lucas is evident
in almost every single frame. Making up for this by grabbing everything
from the original trilogy- mostly Return of the Jedi this time. And
banking on nostalgia by doing cameos of previous characters and

And coconut trees on an alien planet? Seriously??? And where the hell
was the Star Wars logo and theme at the beginning??? That put me right
off straight from the start.

The acting and characters have about as much depth as tissue paper. And
the dialogue is totally stupid, retarded, and yawn inducing, like it
was written by a bunch of adolescents. Add to that some cringe-worthy
situations and reactions by the totally miscast actors and you get ZERO
emotional impact once they all start dying (to my relief). Annoying
would be the best term to describe the characters. Plain effing

Another problem with Rogue one is a lack of strong lead actor or two to
anchor the film. The Prequels had Liam Neesen and Ewan McGregor and and
Ian McDiarmid, Original Trilogy had Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness.
This has none. The lead character Jyn is utterly forgettable and her
horrible dialogue does not help. Her budding romance with the
castrated-Han Solo-rip-off-dude is ( I cannot even remember- I was
wishing I was somewhere else other than in that darkened theater). As
stated before the characters are just annoying and Donnie Yens
character is the most annoying of the lot. And you actually feel
relieved when they die off. Its that bad.

Lack of a proper bad guy does not help either- Vader comes through in
the end but somehow feels like its not enough- like he belongs in
another movie and has been lent into this to make it feel better.

However the space battles are far superior to anything in The Farce
Awakens and even though a total rip-off of Return of the Jedi are a
welcome respite to the boredom before it. At least they are coherent
and easier to follow than the stupidity of the Farce Awakens; however
they pale in comparison to any of the Lucas directed space battles.
They keep the same look and design of the original ships and combat
displays and call signs, even taking footage from the original movies
for the Red Squadron members. However its just too little too late.

Saving graces are the deaths of the two leads in an embrace (similar to Pompeii movie) in the
pillars of the Death Star destruction wave having managed to beam out
the battle station's plans back to the rebel fleet at the last moment-
which I did not expect and which lent a small emotional crescendo to an
otherwise dead movie.

As I had already feared without Lucas Star Wars is truly truly dead.
Disney will never be able to do anything totally new without the
God-like imaginings of George. This is getting out of hand. Instead of
making crap Star Wars movies after another maybe Disney should (as
another Disney princess sang) just let it go.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Best Predator Fan Film! Better than Hollywood movie!

This classic fan film based on the Predator movie franchise is stupendous. Fantastic cinematic production values, great acting and perfect casting. Effects and make-up aren't bad either.

Better than 90% of Hollywood movies that come out.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Samsung said to be following iPhone 7 by removing headphone jack in 'Galaxy S8'!!

The next flagship phone line coming from Samsung in 2017, expected to be called the "Galaxy S8," will likely omit the headphone jack in favor of a single USB-C port for charging and headphone use.

The most recent supply chain rumors about the "Galaxy S8" flagship phone from Sammobile note the lack of analog headphone jack, as well as a 2K resolution super AMOLED display similar to that in the Galaxy S7, but with embedded fingerprint sensor.

The "Galaxy S8" display is said to shift back to RGB, eschewing the company's previous use of the Diamond PenTile pixel layout. Overall, the design is expected to be aesthetically similar to that of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

Apple ditched the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 family to much discontent, but was not the first smartphone to do so. Apple has also been tied to patents related to biometric sensors embedded behind smartphone screens, with the latest rumors pegging the technology to the "iPhone 8" refresh, expected in the fall of 2017.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Swiftkey vs Swype- which is better?

I have been using Swiftkey for a while now on iOS and recently got Swype as well thanks to my payment method being finally accepted by the App Store.
And dammit what they say is true- you have to pay if you want the best.

Swype is superior to Swiftkey in almost every single way.
Its far more accurate at interpreting the swiping movements. Plus unlike Swiftkey, Swype does not need an internet connection for its predictive engine- which is a huuge plus in my book.

The accuracy of Swype had me jaw hitting the floor on a regular basis.
99 cents? Hell its easily worth ten times that.
Just get it. Don't think. Do it.

Monday, November 28, 2016