Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Drug Reverses Baldness!

(CNN)In his mid 40s, Mike Thomas went bald. Not a "little bald spot in the back" kind of bald or "receding hairline" kind of bald, but almost totally and completely bald. He was diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, and he was devastated.
He looked, by his own description, like a "freak," with his eyebrows and eyelashes completely gone. He could feel it when people looked at him. Some of them quietly asked whether he had cancer.
"I'm in the real estate business, and I'm active in my community, but I started to shy away from people," said Thomas, who asked that his real name not be used in order to protect his privacy.
"It affects every part of your life. I got very depressed, and it was horrible," he said.
Then, this year, Thomas took a little white pill used for arthritis, and within seven months, his hair grew back.
"It's incredible. I'm so happy to have it back," he said.

What this pill means for men with more common baldness

As part of a study conducted at Stanford and Yale, Thomas and 65 other alopecia areata patients took the pill, called Xeljanz, which is prescribed for people with rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune disease.
More than half of the study subjects saw hair regrowth. A third recovered more than 50% of their lost hair. In a separate study, nine of 12 patients with alopecia areata recovered more than 50% of hair regrowth using a similar drug, Jakafi, which is approved for cancer treatment.
Although researchers say this is potentially great news for people with alopecia areata like Thomas, what does it mean for men who have hair loss because -- well, because they're men and they're older?
Thomas' head may help answer that question. When his hair grew back, he still had a receding hairline. That's because the Xeljanz pill gave him back his 47-year-old head of hair, not his 25-year-old head of hair.
"It's incredible," Mike Thomas said of his restored hair. "I'm so happy to have it back."
So now Thomas' dermatologist, Dr. Brett King at Yale, is trying something else: rubbing an ointment containing Xeljanz on the heads of men with alopecia areata.
Will the men grow back full heads of hair, or will they be like Thomas and many of the other men in the study and grow back a head of hair with male pattern baldness?
Dermatologists are deeply divided between skepticism and optimism. King strongly suspects that the ointment won't get rid of male pattern baldness. But others are more optimistic.
Dr. Angela Christiano, a co-author of the recently published study, had success with Xeljanz when she made it into an ointment and rubbed it on the skin of mice with skin engineered to be like the skin of bald men.
Bald mice regrew hair on their right sides but not on their left after being treated with an experimental cream for hair loss.
The ointment was rubbed on the right side of the mice and not on the left, and the results are plain to see.
Though she thinks men might have the same success with an ointment, she said the trick is that it has to penetrate properly. Compared with the paper-thin skin of mice, human skin is "much thicker, and it's oily, and it's deep, and it's got a fat layer -- so there's a lot to think about when making a good topical formula," said Christiano, assistant professor of molecular dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center.

Why male pattern baldness is so hard to stop

Modern medicine can treat big cancerous tumors and complicated neurological diseases; it should be easy to get hair to grow, right?
"You might think you could just sprinkle something on your head like what you use to get grass to grow," said Dr. George Cotsarelis, a dermatologist at the University of Pennsylvania.
But sadly, the physiology of hair growth is much more complicated than that.
King, an assistant professor of dermatology at Yale, said that with an autoimmune disease such as alopecia areata, you're essentially trying to trick the environment surrounding the hair.
"It's like making a plant in my house think it's springtime when it's winter," he said. "You just throw a light up in the living room, and it warms things up."
But with male pattern baldness, you're dealing with a hair follicle that's pooped out. "It's like taking a brown plant that's all but dead and bringing it back to life again," he said.
And much less money is spent on solving this problem than you might imagine. "People think major pharmaceutical companies must be spending billions of dollars on this because the payoff could be so huge, but that's not the case," King said.
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He said big companies are concerned that the Food and Drug Administration would approve a treatment for male pattern baldness only if it had no or few side effects, since it's treating a cosmetic problem and not a disease. Some men, however, say they suffer psychologically from losing their hair, especially if it's at a young age.
Cotsarelis, a professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, is working with relatively small companies on stem cell therapies for male pattern baldness and on tissue engineering, which involves growing hair-producing skin on a tiny scaffolding and then transplanting it back onto the scalp.
"In the end, I think there are going to be multiple ways to treat male pattern baldness, and some will work fabulously well in some people and not so well in others," Cotsarelis said.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to avoid getting scammed on eBay!

Its hard to get completely scammed on ebay these days due to its top-notch Buyer Protection Plans. However you can save yourself some time and money and stress by knowing how to spot a scam seller a mile away. Follow these simple rules.

1) Try and buy from a Top rated Seller- these sellers have high reputations and will never even dream of doing anything to hurt their reputation.

2) Even new sellers without much or zero feedback don't always automatically mean they are con artists. Just make sure you message them and ask for details and see how they respond etc. However if the seller has zero feedback and the item price is too good to be true its 99% certain to be a fake listing. Remember if its too good to be true it usually is.

3) eBay will show some sellers with lots of 100% positive feedback trying to sell something real cheap. Always make sure the feedback is as a Seller and not as a Buyer. You can do this by clicking on the feedback number enclosed in brackets next to the seller's user name. If seller does not have any Seller feedback always be wary of buying something that's going for real cheap. Most likely it'll be fake.

4) Recent scam I got caught to involved hackers getting control of long unused eBay accounts with lots of good feedback to create their fake listings. I bought an iPhone they had listed for an unusually low price- but since the seller had lots of good Seller feedback I thought it was the real deal.

Later eBay contacted and informed me the Sellers account has been hacked and to immediately request a refund, which I did. Seller did not respond and after a week eBay refunded me fully- however the currency coversion fees were not refunded and I lost about $20 beacuse of it.

So always the top rule of the book is "If its too good to be true, it usually is".
Buy Safe.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Star Trek Beyond- a Fan's Review!

Beyond Crap.

Easily the Worst Star Trek I have ever seen. Has Zero elements known for being Trek and simply transplanted Fast & Furious into Outer Space.

Story-wise its utter trash. Would Starfleet have the tech to build a vast city-station of the type seen in this at such an early stage in Federation history? No.

It moves so fast its incomprehensible- the CGI and lens flares make it look so synthetic I realized how good the miniatures and physical effects looked in the early movies and ached to see them again.
Krall- the bad guy's motives are never really explained and is a totally forgettable villain- just an excuse for more CGI.

The only saving grace are the performances of Simon Pegg and Karl Urban who really nail their performances as Scotty and Bones.

So thanks to JJ- 2 of the greatest SF franchises lay in ruins, raped and eviscerated.
ST and SW.

Fuck You JJ.

The Best exercises for each Muscle group based on Scientific research and studies!

You go to a gym and every brah there will tell you their version of the bro-science involved in building the best physique and which exercises are best for each body part.
Ask 'em "I need some guns brah what should I do?" And he will immediately say "Do some barbell curls boy! There's nothing like curls for getting biceps like Arnold! Boy."

And he would be Wrong!

That's where Electromyography (EMG) comes in.
Its similar to the ECG for the heart except its meant for measuring electrical activity in the muscle fibers.

"EMG is performed using an instrument called an electromyograph to produce a record called an electromyogram. An electromyograph detects the electric potential generated by muscle cells when these cells are electrically or neurologically activated. The signals can be analyzed to detect medical abnormalities, activation level, or recruitment order, or to analyze the biomechanics of human or animal movement." (wiki)

Thus EMG studies are a sure fire way of finding out which exercise is best at activating the most muscle fibers for a given muscle group.

So without further ado lets get straight to what various studies done with EMG have shown.

Deltoids (Shoulders)-

According to a study published by ACE Research (American Council on Exercise) the best shoulders exercises for each of the three heads of the deltoid muscle- the front, middle and rear- are as follows.

Anterior Deltoid (Front)- Dumbell Shoulder Press.

Dumbell Shoulder Press

According to the study the Dumbell Shoulder Press has far greater front delt muscle activation than the universally recognized Front Dumbell Raise. So might as well ditch the Dumbell Raise altogether and just do Press, IMO.

Middle Deltoid- 45-degree Incline Row
                           Bent-arm Lateral Raise

45-degree Incline Row

Bent-arm Lateral Raise

 The dumbell incline row coupled with the bent-arm dumbell raise is more than enough for total middle delt activation. Classic exerices such as Military Press and Dumbell Press mostly hit the Front Delt. However for raw strength gain I recommend doing bid compound lifts like the Military Press and Shoulder Press and their variations.

Rear Deltoid- Seated Rear Lateral Raise
                       45-degree Incline Row

Seated Rear Lateral Raise

45-degree Incline Row

According to the study for the rear delt there's simply no reason to do anyting else other than these two exercises.


 ACE Reaserch study on Chest developement resullted in the folowwing findings-
The Top Three chest exercises for maximal chest muscle activation were 
1- The Barbell Bench Press
2- Pek Deck Machine
3- Bent-Forward Cable Crossovers

Everything else even incline dumbell flyes and dips fell far behind these three.

The Barbell Bench Press

 Pek Deck Machine

 Bent-Forward Cable Crossovers


ACE Study on bicep activation resulted in the most surprising results.
The classic Barbell Curl was outgunned by the Concentration curl, cable curl and the chin up!

So make sure to include concentration curls in ANY bicep workout. Now we know why Arnold had the best biceps- he always did concentration curls!

However I would recommend starting your bicep workout with a big compound movement such as the barbell curl. Even though the concentration curl will elicit far greater bicep activation it won't strengthen your arms for everyday use as doing heavy barbell curls will.


The triceps study elicited some surprising results as well!

The Top 3 were-
1- Triangle Push-up (AKA Diamond push up)
2- Kickbacks
3- Dips

Triangle Push-up



Much-touted tricep mass builders such as the Close Grip Bench Press scored very low and can be removed from any tricep routine.
The type of dips they did for the study were bench dips so it stands to reason that parallel bar dips and bar dips with added weight will elicit even better triceps results!

Bar Dips

So these are the Top Exercise for development of the upper body muscle groups.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Samsung Note 7 replacement phone explodes on plane!

A Southwest Airlines flight was canceled Wednesday after a passenger's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone caught fire on board. And the owner says he already replaced his phone after the recall of Note 7 phones for the same issue.

Lol Samsung's days are over. RIP Galaxy. :p


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Want a high-end smartphone for less than $100? Read On!

Everyone wants a kick-ass smartphone but not everyone can afford the latest greatest hardware at current prices. So what do you do?

Buy a model that came out coupla years ago but failed to take off!

Enter Amazon's Fire Phone!

When it was launched in July 2014 it came with some serious hardware packed into an iPhone like device.

But it never took off and recently Amazon cancelled it altogether.

However there are a few sellers on eBay who are selling Fire Phones brand new for dead cheap- less than $100- which is a STEAL for a Quad core top end device from Amazon, with 13 MP camera with OIS!.

So go search on eBay and get one- http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.XAmazon+Fire+Phone.TRS0&_nkw=Amazon+Fire+Phone&_sacat=0

Thursday, September 22, 2016

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