Wednesday, August 16, 2017

3 Greatest Action Movies You've Never Heard Of!

There are a lot of movies that get released but for some reason or other disappear from radar so fast that no one gets to really see them much. Its not that they are bad, its just they are poorly publicized or lack a AAA actor to drive it, or are older hence came out before the social media craze and never really get a chance to become viral.

Anyway these three movies I reckon are the best action movie hidden gems of all time.

Go watch em any way you can.

3) Shoot Em Up!

2) The Abyss

 1) Terminal Velocity

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3 Things Hollywood ALWAYS Gets Wrong in Movies!

Hollywood filmmakers are not know for their technical or scientific accuracy when it comes to making movies. With the exception of a small handful of movies, even films they claim are scientifically accurate turn out to be utter rubbish (eg. Gravity, Interstellar).

But these three errors have always bothered me with their persistent appearance in every relevant movie.

3) Missiles turning around and coming after the target!

Any movie that has a missile trying to intercept any flying vehicle (jet, chopper, spacecraft) will no doubt have the warhead trying to do some existential maneuvers before it either hits or the target escapes. This is utter hogwosh. Missiles cannot make complete 180 degree turns in pursuit of their targets. Mainly cos they don't have the aerodynamic agility for such directional changes also they don't have so much fuel to keep chasing after the subject. If the missile cannot intercept on first attempt it will almost always just fly off till its fuel runs dry and fall away.

Perfect example is the missile chase scene in the 2001 movie Behind Enemy Lines where you can see the warhead make several 180 degree turns in pursuit of the F/18 fighter. lol.

2) Fever causing heat not cold in victim.

In real life if you get a fever you will feel cold as your body temp climbs above the surrounding environmental temperature. But in movies since the beginning of time the victim will claim to feel hot. This has always bothered me.

1) Images being zoomed in without loss of resolution.

This is my Number One Gripe!
Movies and Tv shows will always have some way of zooming on any image and magically the low resolution distant backgrounds will fill with sharp well defined high rez pixels even when there were all blurred and incomprehensible in the original image. This is sooo stupid. Doesn't matter how much AI sharpening algorithms you have, if the image data is not there it simply cannot be zoomed in and expect to see sharp details.

Here's one such scene from Blade Runner-

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Alien Covenant (2017) Review

Had massive high hopes for this seeing Ridley Scott back in control. Starts off fine but moment they land on the planet its just downhill really really fast. First of all who the hell would send an expedition out to explore an unknown planet without proper environmental suits- however earth-like it looks? They could be so many alien parasites and germs (as it so happens). Even the Apollo Lunar Astronauts were put in 3 weeks quarantine when they came back from a near-vacuum landscape. Come On Ridley Scott- you better than this. Just that point made me wanna stop watching this crap.

Afterwards it just becomes a merging of the first two Alien movies. Been there seen that 10 times better.

And the xenomorphs are just too fast and hard to kill compared to whats already been put on film in Alien and Aliens, so much so that it spits in the face of those two masterpieces so to speak. And also the CGI makes them look much less realistic, less organic than the practical creature effects of the first two films.

This is a perfect example of a director eviscerating his own franchise. Even the Alien vs Predator movies are far superior to this.

Just watch Alien(1979) and Aliens(1986)and forget Covenant ever happened.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to Watch Blu Ray Movies on your PC Without Expensive Software!

Get Media Player Classic- Home Cinema here-
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Monday, May 1, 2017

My Samsung S8 Exploded!

I bought a brand new Galaxy S8 from eBay. I opened packaged turned it on and put it to charge overnight.
I woke up in the morning I could smell something burning! It was my Samsung. Screen seemed OK but smoke was coming out the back and the bottom :( When I turned it on it didn't work! And another dead Samsung.

I want to kill Samsung so bad. I spent $1200 on this. eBay prices!
I took it repair shop and they said everything melted inside.

I will get an iPhone next time. I don't like Apple. But better than explosions!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Doctor Strange review- Nice effects, nutting else.

Lucas's ILM has gone above and beyond for this film. Effects are
staggering and seamless. Well worthy of an Oscar and then some.

Movie itself is a mash-up of far superior films such as Star Wars (old
master takes in student under his wing teaches him ways of the Fo.. er
whatever and dies etc), The Matrix, Inception, and almost every
superhero movie made upto now.

Characters and acting are sub-par and forgettable with Zero emotional

Did I say nice effects? However some of the scene changing work can get
confusing and tedious as well as nauseous.

Given the choice between this and Driving Miss Daisy I would've picked
the latter on hindsight. Just go for the effects but take a bucket with